The China Urbanization Studies publishes books in both English and Chinese. The series has been published by Global Century Press from 2014. It explores the delay in people’s urbanization in China, highlighting the disparity between migrant workers and urban residents. It underscores China’s commitment to addressing these issues with sustainable, people-oriented policies.

In current statistics migrant workers moving into Chinese cities are counted as permanent urban residents, despite the fact that their economic, social and political conditions differ greatly from those enjoyed by citizens holding an urban household registration. The majority of these workers are not entitled to the same welfare benefits as registered residents. Urbanization can be divided into the two interconnected aspects of ‘urbanization of things’ and ‘urbanization of people’, but the core issue of urbanization in China is the urbanization of people. In the three decades following the ‘reform and opening-up’, rapid development was achieved in the material construction aspect of urbanization, whereas the urbanization of people, namely the transformation of farmers and rural migrant workers into urban residents and their integration into urban society, is clearly lagging behind.

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