Global China Dialogue Proceedings (GCDP) is based on the annual series of dialogue forums that started in 2014. It brings together scholars and practitioners from China and the rest of the world to exchange their insights into the problems that challenge human existence on our planet today, and to yield proposals for the reform of global governance based on these insights. We consider global governance in the broadest sense to cover the worldwide ordering of society to enable the peoples of the world to meet existential challenges, and to give the chance for human beings everywhere to lead fulfilling lives. China’s ‘community of a shared future for mankind’ also provides the world with a similar vision. Each Dialogue consists of four panels of discussants from China and other countries who examine four areas of strategic significance for realizing these or, indeed, any visions for the governance of human society at this time of crisis.

Each volume of GCDP includes the basic information of the chairs and speakers, the topics and abstracts, content of speeches, and the question-and-answer sessions. It also includes photos of each panel, the participants of the dialogue, discussions, and networking during breaks. It is hoped that this combination of images and text can preserve the dynamic dialogue for interested readers whether or not they participated in the forums.

The Global China Dialogue Preceeding series is designed by Martin Albrow. The series editor-in-chief is Xiangqun Chang and each issue is co-edited with different guest editors.

ISBN 978-1-910334-92-8 Vol. 7
ISBN 978-1-910334-78-2 Vol. 6
ISBN 978-1-910334-64-5 Vol. 5
ISBN 978-1-910334-60-7 Vol. 4
ISBN 978-1-910334-45-4 Vol. 3
ISBN 978-1-910334-32-4 Vol. 1–2


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