Journal of China in Global and Comparative Perspectives (JCGCP) publishes original multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary comparative research on China on a range of topics in the social and human sciences. It encourages debate, co-operation and co-authorship on the same issue or theme from different disciplines (including politics, economics, international relations, history, sociology, anthropology, pedagogy, law, media, cultural Studies, social psychology, and methodology). Its aim is to bring out the best in scholarship, transcending traditional academic boundaries in an innovative manner.

JCGCP is not simply about China – there are already several excellent journals on China – but about global and comparative viewpoints looking at China as a player in broader patterns of development, ideas, movements, networks and systems. Comparison includes using China as a case study to examine a generally applicable theory, or drawing analytical conclusions from comparative data about China and some other country or context. The comparison may be regional or global, historical or contemporary. It may also involve a comparison of perceptions: China’s perceptions of others, and others’ perceptions of China, in the context of China’s encounters with the outside world in political, economic, military and cultural senses.

We also consider articles that draw contrasts between China and other countries, Chinese people and non-Chinese people, or academic debates and dialogues between Chinese and non-Chinese, Chinese perspectives of the world or human knowledge, and non-Chinese perspectives of China in a global context.

In addition to research articles, research reports and commentaries, JCGCP also publishes periodic symposia on selected topics, in-depth review articles on particular areas of scholarship and reviews of books of unusual quality and significance for the study of China in global and comparative perspectives. Certain issues of the journal may focus on a particular subject, and we welcome suggestions for themes.

JCGCP is a strictly non-partisan publication and does not support or discriminate against any political, ideological or religious viewpoint. In accordance with standard academic practice, articles submitted for publication in JCGCP are subjected to a rigorous process of blind peer review. Although conceived as an academic journal, the editorial policy of JCGCP is to ensure articles that appear herein are of interest beyond the academic arena to policymakers, as well as readers with a general interest in China-related themes.

JCGCP was formerly known as Journal of China in Comparative Perspective (JCCP), changing its name in 2021 to reflect a broadening of its aims and scope.

ISSN 2633-9544 print
ISSN 2633-9552 online

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