Policy on the Usage of ChatGPT, AI and Machine Learning Tools or Similar Algorithmic Systems

1. GCP values honesty, transparency, rigor, accountability and originality. Text generated solely by AI systems, including but not limited to ChatGPT, machine learning models, or other similar algorithmic tools, cannot be used in papers or books published by GCP.

2. Contributions from AI systems, such as text generated by ChatGPT or other machine learning models, do not qualify these tools as co-authors. Authors accept full responsibility and accountability for the integrity, originality and factual and citation accuracy of any text submitted for publication by GCP.

3. However, given that many authors may not be writing in their first language, Global Century Press allows the use of AI tools, including but not limited to language refinement and translation algorithms, to assist human authors in improving the language quality of their papers or books.

4. Authors must fully disclose and cite the use of any AI-generated or AI-assisted content. This includes citing the specific model or tool used, along with the manufacturer’s name, and describing how the tool was used. If ChatGPT or a similar system was used, they should be specifically mentioned.

5. Authors should specify who used the AI system, the time and date of the use, the prompt(s) used to generate the text, the section(s) containing the text and/or ideas in the text resulting from AI use. This applies to all AI systems, including but not limited to tools such as ChatGPT.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding this Policy, please contact us.

Effective Date: July 2023


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