Global Century Press (GCP) is committed to delivering accurate, insightful and unbiased information to its readers, fostering a deeper understanding of global issues and promoting open dialogue across diverse perspectives. We aim to maintain the highest standards of authorial integrity, ensuring that our content is reliable, ethical and relevant to our mission.

Core Principles

Accuracy and Truthfulness: Our contributors must take all possible steps to ensure that the content of their work is based on sound evidence, rigorous research and verifiable sources. Contributors are required to provide primary sources wherever possible. To the extent possible, we fact-check all content before publishing. If nevertheless errors or inaccuracies are identified to us, we will promptly correct them.

Objectivity and Impartiality: Global Century Press is committed to providing fair and balanced content. We strive to present diverse viewpoints and strenuously avoid favouring any political, ideological or commercial interests.

Independence: We maintain editorial independence from any external influences, including co-publishers or sponsors, that may compromise our integrity. Our editorial decisions are made solely based on merit and appropriateness to our mission.

Transparency: We believe in being transparent about our sources, methodology and potential conflicts of interest. Any relationships that could potentially influence our content will be disclosed to our readers.

Ethical Reporting: Our writers must adhere to the highest ethical standards. We respect the privacy and dignity of individuals, seeking their consent when necessary, and refraining from publishing content that promotes discrimination, hatred or harm, as well as any derogatory language or potentially harmful stereotypes.

Free Speech: We honour the principle of free speech. Work published by GCP is not subject to censorship or redaction provided it adheres to the ethical principles set out elsewhere in this policy.

Inclusivity and Diversity: We recognize the importance of representing a wide range of voices and perspectives in our content, and respect cultural, ethnic and social differences.

Editorial Integrity: Global Century Press ensures that views expressed in all its published content are clearly labelled as such and do not compromise the objective standards of the organization.

Plagiarism and Originality: Plagiarism is strictly prohibited. All content published by Global Century Press must be original or appropriately attributed.
Public Engagement: We encourage a well-informed public discourse by providing well-grounded insights and analyses supported by facts. Readers are encouraged to share feedback, both positive and negative, on works published by GCP, and GCP is committed to responding in a timely and respectful manner.
Data Protection and Digital Rights: Personal data of our contributors, subscribers, or any related entities will be protected as per prevailing data protection regulations.

Editorial Practices

Submission: Submission of a work for publication in any of GCP’s journals or book series implies the following:

  1. All authors are in agreement about the content of the manuscript and its submission.
  2. For research articles, the contents have been tacitly or explicitly approved by the responsible authorities where the research was carried out.
  3. The manuscript has not been published previously, in part or in whole, in English or any other language, except as an abstract, part of a published lecture or academic thesis. Any exception to this rule will be possible only with the written consent of GCP, and permission will have to be sought from the original publisher of the manuscript.
  4. The manuscript has not been and will not be submitted to any other publisher while still under consideration for the relevant GCP journal or book series.
  5. If the manuscript is accepted, the author agrees to enter into a publication agreement with GCP, stipulating that the work will not be published elsewhere in any form, in English or any other language, without the prior written consent of GCP. A consent to publish form will be sent with the first proofs of the manuscript.
  6. If the submission includes figures, tables or large sections of text that have been published previously, the author has obtained written permission from the original copyright owner(s) to reproduce these items in the current manuscript in both the online and print publications of the Journal; and that all copyrighted material has been properly credited in the manuscript.

Review, acceptance and rejection:

  1. Every submitted piece will undergo a rigorous editorial review for factual accuracy, relevance and alignment with GCP’s standards and values. The manuscript will then be returned to the contributor(s) with comments for revision and recommendations for final submission.
  2. The whole reviewing procedure should in normal circumstances take no longer than three months. We expect any required or recommended revisions to the submitted manuscript to be completed within four weeks. We reserve the right to decide whether contributors’ revisions have been sufficient to warrant publication.
  3. However, rejection on the grounds that the manuscript is not suitable for GCP or is not of sufficiently high standard is final and non-negotiable.

Global Century Press is dedicated to upholding these principles and practices to ensure that our content contributes positively to the global discourse and serves as a reliable source of information for our readers.

Updates to Policy
This policy will be reviewed and updated as necessary, to reflect the evolving landscape of publishing.
All contributors to GCP are required to familiarize themselves with this policy and adhere strictly to its guidelines. Breaches may result in the rejection of content, retraction of published materials, or other appropriate actions.

Global Century Press
Effective Date: July 2023


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