Transcultural Experiences with ‘Three Eyes’ publishes books in both English and Chinese. The series has been published by Global Century Press from 2014. It acts as a bridge in the areas of cross-border cultural communication and mutual understanding. The authors of this book series may be Chinese or non-Chinese living in China or abroad, Chinese or non-Chinese in a cross-cultural marriage, people of Chinese and non-Chinese mixed heritage, and Chinese or non-Chinese with different backgrounds and in all kinds of professions. The triple perspectives (‘three eyes’) consist of their own understanding of Chinese culture, of non-Chinese cultures, and of their specialties and sectors as professionals and practitioners. This understanding describes and explains the collision and confluence between different cultures and notions they experience in their everyday lives and work in China and abroad. The authors also use the ‘three eyes’ perspective to look at themselves, at China, and at the world.

This series adopts a comparative and narrative method to interpret prevalent misconceptions and prejudices from different dimensions, such as Eastern and Western ways of thinking, value systems and behavioural patterns, implicitly helping readers to achieve all sorts of realizations from within.

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